Design & Product Development

D3 Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd able to help customer based on their concept or ideal to come out product design. We have our internal design team which include electronics hardware & software design and mechanical part design as well. 


Besides, we also able help those customer if they have own design team but they want to work together to come out product which more manufacturing friendly. 

New Product Introduction

D3 Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd able to produce prototype sample with shorter turn around time. We know that the fastest make success prototype sample for customer to perform testing and evaluation will be help customer to capture more market share. 


Due to we have design office and manufacturing services in same building, therefore we can commit to make quick support on prototype build. Once prototype build success building then we can work on mass pro build. 


D3 Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd has full manufacturing solution service for customer. 



SMT Technologies:

- Support until 01005 above chip size

- 0.5mm Pitch Micro BGA, CSP, QFN

- 0.5mm Pitch 150mm Long connector

- Minimum chip spacing 0.2mm

- Using ASM Siplace


Injection Molding:

- Machine tonnage from 20 tone until 460 tone

- Main injection machine brand Sumitomo, Nissei & Toshiba

- Robotic Arm system apply



Secondary Process (Spraying):

- Spraying booth clean room control

- Spraying inspection area 

- Both area 10k clean room control with ISO certify




Complete Box Build Assembly / System Integration:

- Able handle complex product assembly



Supply Chain

D3 Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd connects with local and oversea supplier which able to supply various type of component and mechanical part.   


We capable to provide alternate part solution to customer when those component EOL. 


Besides, we also able to give suggestion to customer cross over some part with shorter L/T and more competitive price. 


We understand that manage customer supply chain while minimizing cost, mitigating the risk and ensuring continue supply are our main responsible.